Introducing the FLEX Membership 💪🏼

Redline Athletics has just introduced a brand new membership type – the FLEX – specifically designed to provide young athletes with an unparalleled fitness journey. The FLEX membership offers three different settings to choose from: Unlimited, Single Session, and Away, all of which can be easily accessed through the Redline app. This unique feature offers […]


The Importance of Developing Good Sportsmanship in Youth Athletes

Developing good sportsmanship in youth athletics is essential. Youth sports provide a valuable opportunity for children to learn important life lessons such as respect, humility, and grace. Good sportsmanship is a crucial part of this, as it teaches children to treat opponents, coaches, and officials with respect and to be humble in victory or defeat. […]

In-Season Training: The Key to Youth Athlete Success

As a youth athlete, you are dedicated to improving your skills and performance on the field, court, or track. However, many young athletes fall into the trap of taking a break from training once the season starts. While it’s tempting to take a break and enjoy some downtime, it’s important to understand the importance of […]

Character Development for youth athletes

Character Development for Young Athletes: 10 Essential Traits & How Redline Athletics Helps

As a parent, coach, or mentor of a young athlete, you understand the importance of helping them not only become better athletes but better people. Character development is crucial in helping young athletes grow into responsible, successful adults. In this post, we’ll explore ten essential character traits that are crucial for the development of young […]


Prepping for Spring Sports

  The spring sports season is quickly approaching and it is vital for parents of young athletes to understand the significance of preparing their children for the season ahead. As a parent, you have a crucial role in helping your child develop and enhance their athletic skills and performance. One of the most effective ways […]

Redline Athletics Grand Opening Sutton Square, NC

Mike Gaglione, a new franchise owner in Sutton Square, North Carolina, knew from his first visit that Redline Athletics would be a perfect fit for his family and community. We asked Mike about what appealed to him about opening a Redline Athletics Center –– and what it was like to do so during a pandemic. […]

Football: It’s a Mind Game

Redline Athletics football clinics build better players by focusing on speed, acceleration, and agility. Muscular endurance, flexibility, mobility, and overall strength and power are essential on the field. Football isn’t a sport you play with just your body, though. You need mental clarity and concentration in order to strategize, memorize plays, and anticipate your opponent’s […]

Total-Body Conditioning for Volleyball Players

Redline Athletics volleyball clinics help players work on vertical jumps, footwork, speed, reaction time, core strength for better body control, and upper body strength for increased power. But staying game-ready doesn’t always have to happen at the gym, and there are ways to keep your body in peak serving and spiking shape that don’t require […]