Redline Athletics Grand Opening Sutton Square, NC

Mike Gaglione, a new franchise owner in Sutton Square, North Carolina, knew from his first visit that Redline Athletics would be a perfect fit for his family and community. We asked Mike about what appealed to him about opening a Redline Athletics Center –– and what it was like to do so during a pandemic. […]

Football: It’s a Mind Game

Redline Athletics football clinics build better players by focusing on speed, acceleration, and agility. Muscular endurance, flexibility, mobility, and overall strength and power are essential on the field. Football isn’t a sport you play with just your body, though. You need mental clarity and concentration in order to strategize, memorize plays, and anticipate your opponent’s […]

Total-Body Conditioning for Volleyball Players

Redline Athletics volleyball clinics help players work on vertical jumps, footwork, speed, reaction time, core strength for better body control, and upper body strength for increased power. But staying game-ready doesn’t always have to happen at the gym, and there are ways to keep your body in peak serving and spiking shape that don’t require […]

Prepping for Your Student Athlete’s Best Season Yet

Football, basketball, cheerleading, soccer –– fall’s huge for sports, and one thing they all have in common is the need for peak speed and agility. Here are a few tips to keep in mind while you’re helping young athletes prepare for the upcoming season. 1. Keep Exercises Age-Appropriate Training needs differ for kids of all […]

Redline Athletics Grand Opening Glen Burnie, MD

We spoke with Che Woods, a new franchise owner in Glen Burnie, Maryland, to find out more about what opening a Redline Athletics Center means to his family and community.  Why did you choose to get involved with Redline Athletics? “As a kid, I had a love for sports. Redline Athletics allows me to combine […]

How Do I Get Faster? 4 Steps to Increase Your Speed.

For many young athletes, as they develop and become more proficient in their chosen sport, getting faster becomes a huge focus in their training. They want to improve their speed so they can compete at a higher level. At Redline, we specialize in sports performance training for young athletes, helping them improve their speed and […]