Welcome to RedLine Athletics Youth Athletic Training Center, where our goal is to transform you into the best young athlete you can be. No matter the sport, no matter your skill, RedLine will make you a better athlete FIRST and then work on your sports specific skills. We are equipped with top notch staff and the best equipment to help you along the way!


RedLine Athletics’ training centers focuses on decreasing injury, optimizing performance and enhancing its philosophy of “pre-hab” vs. re-hab and recovery for all youth athletes. We can achieve this by utilizing our partnership with Fusionetics proprietary system of exercise and recovery solutions.
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An individualized program, which is based on each private RedLine and Fusionetics evaluation assessments. Following every evaluation, our professional staff will work with the athlete to create a Strength and Conditioning program that meets the needs of each athlete. This is the most personalized and sport specific program available.

Monday through Saturday
Classes start every hour
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Private skill development sessions from either former collegiate or professional athletes to refine your specific sport skills. Whether you play, baseball, softball, basketball, soccer, lacrosse, football, or any other sport, this 1 on 1 training will make you a more confident all-around athlete.

Monday through Saturday
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Group Training


There is no better way for your group or team to become better, quicker, stronger and faster, than to train at RedLine! Let us get your team ready to play, and stay on the field, by training with us all year long! Contact us today for your team or league customized training quote.

Monday through Saturday
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Becoming a member at RedLine is as easy as 1, 2, 3!!

Once inside the Training Center, we will give you a guided tour of our center and let you know everything that RedLine has to offer.  We will even give you our RedLine Athletic evaluation and show you how you compare against other athletes your age and gender.  We will also give you the movement efficiency evaluation using the same process the Professional athletes use with Fusionetics.

Let us show you how you can achieve your athletic goals, and let’s get started!!
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Multi-Sport Training

At RedLine, no matter the sport, no matter the skill, we will focus on making you a better all-around athlete in your chosen sport.
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