speed and agility drills

Maximizing Speed and Agility: Drills and Exercises for Athletes

Speed and agility are critical components of athletic performance in virtually every sport. For young athletes, developing these skills not only enhances their ability to compete but also builds a foundation for future athletic success. At Redline Athletics, we are committed to helping our athletes reach their full potential by incorporating a variety of targeted exercises and drills into our semi-private training sessions. By focusing on both speed and strength development, we maximize our athletes’ capabilities and prepare them for excellence in their respective sports.

Speed Exercises

Sprinting Drills:

  • High Knees and Marching Variations: These exercises are powerful tools for teaching youth athletes the correct movements and shapes of a sprint. Through A-marches, A-skips, and high knees, athletes practice correct arm swing patterns, drive their thighs up and forward, and develop quick, bouncy steps.
  • Sprints: Sometimes, the simplest approach is the most effective. Athletes should aim for 5-8 reps per session, incorporating different grounded starts to maximize speed.


  • Hurdle and Box Jumps: Our coaches emphasize more than just skill and efficiency in jumping. Countermovement jumps, for instance, are excellent for potentiation before sprint sessions.

Resistance Training:

  • Lunge Variations: Lunges mimic the mechanics of sprinting. By varying loading techniques and tempos each week, we keep strength training engaging and progressive, preventing athletes from losing interest.

Agility Exercises

Reaction Drills:

  • Cat-and-Mouse: This drill involves a “mouse” athlete trying to outrun a “cat” athlete over a short distance. Coaches can vary starting positions and running routes to keep the drill dynamic and challenging.
  • Mirror Drills: Paired athletes take turns leading and mirroring each other’s movements, incorporating shuffles, backpedals, cuts, and spin moves to build agility and creativity.
  • Gate Tag: This 1-on-1 drill involves offense trying to score by running through gates while defense tries to tag them. It creates friendly competition and high effort.


  • 5-10-5 Drill: Athletes sprint five yards, touch the line, sprint back ten yards, touch the line, and sprint five yards through the finish. This drill enhances acceleration and deceleration abilities.


At Redline Athletics, we understand the importance of speed and agility for young athletes. Our training sessions incorporate a variety of exercises and drills, including sprinting drills, plyometrics, resistance training, and agility exercises, to maximize these skills. Our expert coaches emphasize proper technique and progressive overload to ensure continuous improvement and injury prevention.

By fostering a fun and competitive environment, we encourage young athletes to push their limits and develop a lifelong love for physical fitness. With dedication and the right training, young athletes at Redline Athletics can achieve remarkable improvements in speed and agility, setting the stage for a successful athletic journey.