Redline Athletics has just introduced a brand new membership type – the FLEX – specifically designed to provide young athletes with an unparalleled fitness journey. The FLEX membership offers three different settings to choose from: Unlimited, Single Session, and Away, all of which can be easily accessed through the Redline app. This unique feature offers members flexibility and convenience, ensuring they can tailor their membership to suit their needs every week.

The FLEX membership is the perfect solution for parents looking to manage their child’s fitness routine and budget effectively. By offering the ability to reduce access and payment based on their schedule, the FLEX membership simplifies the process of managing their child’s routine. This feature was developed based on feedback from parents of Redline members, who were seeking a more convenient way to manage their child’s fitness program without worrying about missing out on the benefits of the Redline Athletic program.

Redline Athletics offers various commitment levels for the FLEX membership, ranging from Week to Week up to 1 Year, each with a different enrollment fee. New members can avoid the enrollment fee by agreeing to a minimum stay of 52 weeks. This feature ensures that members have control over their fitness program by choosing the commitment level that best suits their needs.

In addition to commitment levels, Redline Athletics also offers referral and sibling discounts for the FLEX membership. Members can reduce their weekly payment by $2.50 for each member referred, and only unlimited weeks are eligible for referral discounts. Sibling discounts are also available, with 10% off the second child’s weekly payment for unlimited weeks.

Overall, the FLEX membership is a flexible and practical option for parents who want to give their young athletes the benefits of the Redline Athletic program. With its unique features, including flexibility, commitment levels, and referral discounts, the FLEX membership is the perfect choice for parents who value convenience and control over their child’s fitness routine. Whether you’re managing a busy schedule or budget, the FLEX membership is designed to make it easier for parents and their young athletes to achieve their fitness goals.