RedLine Athletics knows the importance of balance in our athletes.  Balance/body control can and should be worked on and enhanced on a daily basis.  At our Training Centers we incorporate balance drills, for the lower and upper body throughout the prescribed workouts.  

We use many different methods to accomplish this including, stable surfaces; such as the ground, a small step, and boxes, but also, unstable surfaces such as benches, Bosu Balls, Slacklines, and physio balls.  In our balance drills we are focussing on “turning on” those muscles that are not firing and working as the body needs.  When the “off muscles” are not in use, imbalances can be present throughout athletic movements.  The demands that an athlete places on their body make it vital that all muscles are firing and working in unison.   


By joining one of our RedLine Youth Athletic Training Centers, you will get a balanced workout while working on your balance!