Redline Athletics Grand Opening Westerville, OH


Interview with Owner Ken Green & General Manager Rebekah McClelland


Redline Athletics is the hot, growing franchise concept in the sports and fitness industry that has carved out a secure and lucrative niche with a focus on young athletes ages 8 to 18 years old. As the demand for specialized youth sports performance training grows, we’re meeting the need with centers that are equipped with top-of-the-line equipment and expertly crafted programs. However, it’s our knowledgeable and skilled staff that really set our brand apart.

We sat down with the Owner, Ken Green, and General Manager, Rebekah McClelland, the brother and sister team of the newly opened Westerville, OH location, to hear more about what they love about the Redline Athletics brand. As this is their second location in operation, they had a lot to share with us.


Why did you choose to get involved with Redline Athletics?

As Green’s son’s interest and skills grew as a golfer, the family turned to Redline Athletics for additional training to give him that extra edge. Green, who owns several other businesses, saw the financial opportunity and wanted to know more. “What really sold me was the programming and what it can do for youth athletes”, says Green, “and I when I looked at the business model and financials, I felt like it could be a strong and viable business”.


Tell us about your background before becoming a Redline Franchisee:

Working as a Corporate Executive in the IT field, Green had a tenure in leadership at NetJets, a private air travel company headquartered in Columbus, OH. Looking to go into business for himself, he purchased his first franchise which piqued his entrepreneurial spirit and led to the purchase of several other franchise concepts.

McClelland, on the other hand, had her eyes set on being an Olympic athlete. “I was a Division 1 shot putter and discus thrower at KSU and trained post-collegiately to go to the Olympic trials”, explained McClelland. Unfortunately, she was injured two months before the trials and did not compete well enough to earn her a spot on the Olympic team. Her experience as an athlete, however, led her to coaching, becoming a personal trainer, and now, overseeing two Redline Athletics locations as the General Manager.


What makes your newest Westerville location unique?

“Our high-level staff”, says McClelland confidently. And that commitment to providing experienced, educated trainers is evident at their location. “Our Director of Sports Performance not only has a Master’s in Exercise Science, but a background in both soccer and football playing at the D2 level as well as professionally. Of our three trainers, two of them have Master’s in Exercise Science, and all three worked at the university level as strength and conditioning coaches. But they all love to work with youth.”

It’s this high caliber experience that has effectively drawn in a high level of athlete for the Westerville location. With excellent schools and athletic programs in their area, they’re meeting the demand for training for all types of sports, including non-traditional, in their market.


How has Redline Support Center Team set you up for success?

“First and foremost, they’re accessible”, says McClelland. “They open the lines of communication for all staff members to be able to reach out.” She explained that while other franchise models may not provide the support and resources franchise owners need or conversely be very rigid in their operations, she’s enjoyed the working relationship with Redline Athletics. “Redline support center team sets the ground rules for brand consistency, but they really let you make it your own. Our coaches are able to write their own programs and can express themselves, but whenever we have any questions, they’re available.”

Green added, “They’ve created a winning formula for franchise owners. They help you adopt that formula and they are very passionate about how to make that formula successful.”


As for his first-year goals for this second location, Green says, “My goal is to be profitable and create a sustainable reputation in the community”. With an expert staff and unique concept, he’s well on his way. And when he’s not hard at work growing his business, you can find him on the golf range.

Want to learn more about the franchise opportunities available with Redline Athletics and how you can bring youth sports performance training to your area? Reach out to our franchise development team!


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