Redline Athletics Grand Opening Loveland, Ohio

Redline Athletics Grand Opening Loveland, Ohio

Tommy Brand & John Reischel

What makes Redline Athletics’ Sports Performance Centers franchise such a great business opportunity? We sat down with Tommy Brand, co-owner with John Reischel of two Redline locations in Ohio, to hear what he had to say.


What was your background before becoming a Redline Franchisee?

“I worked in the corporate world for 20 years in finance & accounting as a CPA,” Tommy explains. With the heart of a true entrepreneur, seven years ago, he sought to work for himself and invested in a couple of other small businesses.


Why did you choose to get involved with Redline Athletics?

“John and I are both sports nuts – we love athletics,” says Tommy of him and friend/co-owner John. “Sports have been a passion for both of us, and we’ve helped coach our children’s teams over the years. We saw Redline Athletics as a good business opportunity and the perfect intersection of kids and athletics”.


What specifically attracted you to Redline?

As this is Tommy & John’s second location, we were curious about what sets Redline apart from others. “Two unique factors,” says Tommy. “1. A focus on sports skill improvement and body movement (speed, strength, and agility). Most gyms focus on just one of those aspects, but we focus on both. 2. Our membership model allows members to train as many times as they want during the month.

Redline Athletics Grand Opening Loveland, Ohio

Can you tell us a little bit about your location?

For Tommy and John’s second location, they implemented features they knew would be attractive to the community. “In our area of Loveland, OH, baseball is the #1 sport. Our facility has two very large batting cages, with three more in an adjacent building. Parents here really enjoy our 2nd level Mezzanine area where they can sit and relax and watch their child train.”  


How will your Redline Athletics Center impact Athletes?

Tommy explained that “the first couple of months of working with a new young athlete is a time of getting to know them, their experience, and their skill level.”

Injury prevention is a big deal at Redline Athletics, and for most young athletes returning to Redline or coming for the first time, that means participating in their Return to Play program. Already an integral part of their programming, Return to Play is for any athlete returning from an injury or a break in play and focuses on movement quality and preparing the whole body for training. It’s the perfect program to address the needs of our young athletes returning to their sport after such a long time off this year due to COVID. And with Loveland’s qualified and experienced staff, they are fully equipped to help everyone who walks through their doors.  


Explain how the Redline Support Team has set you up for success:

“The team at Redline provides really good operational support and programming. They’ve redesigned our website and have helped us with marketing”, says Tommy. Taking care of those backend details allows owners like Tommy and John to focus on what’s most important – building a business in a new community by serving and supporting athletes.


Highlight some of your goals for your first year open:

“Loveland is a smaller, tighter-knit community than our first location,” explains Tommy. “Our hope is to get deeply involved and build roots here. We’re a part of the Local Chamber of Commerce and have hosted meetings for a local non-profit. We want to be a place that can bring everyone together.” And during these challenging times, that’s exactly what they’re doing in Loveland.


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