Swim & Water Polo Training

So often swimmers think that all they need is to swim to get better at swimming. So what happens when you start getting sore rotator cuffs? Especially all you water polo players! What about getting more out of each kick of your legs?

Swimmers need a lot of core strength and stamina. We offer that and then some! Because of the nature of swimming, the tiny rotator cuff muscles are taxed at a high rate. Every time a stroke is taken, they have to contract and relax, contract and relax, so these muscles must be taken care of and maintained. Plus in order to get the most out of each stroke of the arms, the lat muscles have to fire and pull the arms through the water at a high rate of speed; strength in the upper back is essential! Then there’s the legs. The legs are the motor that moves a swimmer through the water. The muscles within the core and the thighs must be strengthened and elongated in order to get more drive per kick. When the legs are well-conditioned, they are able to hold up to the demands of a race without fatigue or worse, cramping.