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RedLine Xpress

What are your goals? How do you want to get there? RedLine Xpress has the answers to those questions. Our modules are dynamically programed to meet the needs of the anyone who wants to improve their health and fitness. These are not programs trying to take advantage of the latest fads in fitness. What we do is use proven fitness science coupled with our unrivaled passion for creating the best possible environment where you can experience the community and accountability of fitness training at this level. Our staff has been there and done that, and we want to take our dedicatiom and knowledge, which we have previously used to exclusively mentor young athletes, and further adapted them to respond to the demands our fitness enthusiats and fanatics across the country. For the first time, our custom designed, sport-specific training programs, are available to all!
No matter your age, ability or fitness level, there is an Xpress option that will work for you. 
Xpress modules can exist within our brick and mortar locations, which are always a high-touch, high-value experience for our members. They can also be taken on the road, meeting you where it is convenient for you, on your schedule. 

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RedLine Xpress Personal Training - Like Nothing You Have Ever Experienced and Much More than You Ever Expected

Personal training is not what it once was. You are not looking for a trainer to take you through the same cookie cutter exercises, the same way, like you have done your entire life. We know what you are looking for is a personalized approach, that shows we understand and care about your needs, understand them, and willing and able to provide a focused plan for those needs to be satisfied. 


RedLine Xpress takes the modern approach to the next level. Our programs have built in a multi-tiered evaluation that will rigorously detail your and focus on your own unique physiology, giving you insight into how you move at a level you have never experienced before. We then follow that up with a completely tailored set of dynamic exercises that we have chosen from our library of thousands of workouts, entirely blowing away your expectations of what fitness can be in your life.




 Is RedLine Xpress Personal Training Right For Me?

RedLine Xpress Personal Trainging is for any person who:

  • Wants get into the best shape of their life
  • Feels like personal training just has not been right for them before
  • Wants to big a part of a bigger community
  • Craves accountability to blow away their fitness goals
  • Is You



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RedLine Xpress Adult Boot Camp Takes Fitness to the Next Level with PROVEN Results

Other group fitness experiences have one major issue with how they train. They focus solely on the programs, but not the participants. This lack of focus on the trainee takes away the most important factor to continued progress towards their goals: accountability. At RedLine Xpress Adult Boot Camp, we obsess over creating the ideal, personalized, science-based training and always focusing on the individuals who work with us to reach goals they never thought they could. This approach to fitness results gives our members faster results than they expected. And they report they never realized how important a strong relationships with their coach would be, and the accountability it provides.






Are RedLine Xpress Adult Boot Camps Right for Me? 

Our Adult Boot Camp sessions are perfect for any adult ages 18 to 80. Our participants range from individuals who are completely new to fitness, or for experienced athletes of any level.

Our classes are made for people who:

  • Want to workout at their preferred level and pace. Our classes are personalized, and we also provide you custom meal plans so you can continue you healthy habits at home.
  • Want more feedback than traditional classes. Many of our trainers have high level college or professional athletics experience and they are eager to share with you how to take advantage of the tools they have used throughout their careers.
  • Crave guidance and accountability. We know that setting the bar high on your goals means you will have to work hard to get there. There is nothing we like more than being with you every step of that journey and sharing in the excitement once you get there.


Redline Athletics Youth Intro to Sports

RedLine Xpress Intro 2 Sports - More Fun Than You Realized, Easier Than You Were Expecting

RedLine Athletics core competency has been youth athletics for almost a decade. When it comes to youth training, we have mastered our approach by training thousands young athletes in our history. We are now ready to take the secret sauce that has allowed us to grow into the nation’s premier youth athletics franchise from our brick and mortar locations, to our communities at large.


RedLine Xpress Intro 2 Sports is a fun and fulfilling experience for any young athletes and their parents. Our Intro 2 Sports programs are tailored for children ages 3 and up, of any skill level, whether or not they have ever participated in an organized athletic setting previously. Our camps are convenient, affordable, and available in our centers as well as being held anywhere youth athletes gather. 




RedLine Athletics Xpress Fundraiser Program

RedLine Xpress Fundraisers - Giving Back to the Community

Inspiring a desire to give back to the community and being responsible members within it is something that every athletic organization strives to foster. RedLine Athletics is no exception. We understand that giving back is a vital component of the health of our communities, schools, teams, and leagues.

RedLine Xpress Fundraisers have optimized this process for all parties involved. Our 10-station Obstacle Course will raise the organizations in your communities much needed funds, all while your athletes are having fun! We provide the software so that you can easily sign up, support your athlete(s) and share your participation and their progress  on all social media platforms to inspire others to donate and support as well. This allows all your friends and family to follow, donate to support, and cheer on collectively! The rewarding experience that is provided will motivate your young athletes to reach and surpass their goals. Our events create a fun and engaging experience while raising money for a good cause, and installing values that cannot be easily taught.