Baseball Injury Prevention

How Will RedLine Athletics Improve My Baseball Performance and Prevent Injuries?

The better physical shape you are in, the better you will perform on the field. When you work to strengthen your body, you will be able to run quicker, hit the ball further and throw the ball with more velocity. RedLine will teach you injury prevention techniques, and through our partnership with Fusionetics, we assess your progress on a bi-monthly basis. Utilizing the important Movement Activation techniques, our member will be much less likely to pull or strain a muscle, keeping him/her in the game! RedLine Athletics trainers will evaluate your mechanics and develop a personalized training regimen for your position and your goals.

Common Baseball Injuries

While baseball isn’t considered a contact sport, injuries can result from being hit by the ball, poor mechanics, or incorrect movement form. Some of the most common baseball injuries include injuries in the shoulder or elbow, knee injuries, muscle pulls, ligament injuries, and even concussions. Sport specific training under the watchful eyes of the RedLine training staff will help in preventing such injuries.

Work it out with Strength Training

The most effective strength training exercises for baseball players include total body functional movements such as squats, lunges, pushups, pull-ups and core exercises.

  • Shoulder Strength — A baseball player’s shoulder is one of the most important parts of the body and also an area common to injury due to overuse. Baseball player’s pitch, hit and dive for the ball, so it is important to strengthen, maintain and protect the shoulder through your training program at RedLine Athletics. Resistance band exercises will strengthen the rotator cuff and are integrated into the sports specific training you will experience at RedLine Athletics
  • Leg Strength — lower body strength, specifically glutes, hamstrings and quads, play a major role in throwing velocity, bat speed, and running to home base quickly. Lower body strength training is a vital component of the baseball specific strength training you will experience at RedLine Athletics.
  • Core Strength — core exercises are essential for injury prevention in a baseball player. RedLine Athletics focuses on strengthening the core with baseball specific exercises to increase pitching velocity, hitting power, or explosive running speed. Front planks and side planks are important for developing core stability and overall strength and is an easy exercise to modify to increase difficulty. Medicine ball rotational throws are effective at engaging the core muscles when you rotate, and hanging knee raises strengthen the entire abdominal muscle group.
For success on the baseball field, get stronger to develop better quickness, explosiveness, and reactivity but most importantly, stay healthy with injury prevention built in to your strength and conditioning program at RedLine Athletics.