We are dedicated in making a difference in every athlete’s life, through athletic training programs that we design to help him/her achieve his/her goals. By offering our youth athletes a comprehensive series of evaluations, testing, training and sports development opportunities, our athletes are exposed to the latest concepts in sports training.

Athletic Training That Fits Your Schedule

RedLine Athletics is a sport-specific Training Center that lasts all year long. RedLine makes training convenient, no appointments are required and training sessions start every hour on the hour. Show up any time of the day and stay for as long as you want. Unlimited, monthly personalized training is available for every athlete, regardless of his/her skill level. From the youth athlete trying to make the team to the high school athlete working to earn a scholarship, our flexible training schedule is easily adaptable to every person’s busy life. We are especially adept at training the youth athlete, ages 8-18 and welcome the opportunity to customize a training program around his or her school hours and other commitments.

Athletic Training To Improve Your Game

Redline Athletics will work closely with each athlete adapting a specialized program to develop core stability, speed improvement, running form, agility, acceleration, strength training and injury prevention techniques. Our goal is to have our athletes take what is learned about their bodies and convert it into “real sport situations and movements.”

Remember our motto: Speed • Power • Core

Mentoring tomorrow’s stars today, provides a dynamic atmosphere at RedLine Athletics. Be part of our community culture that will not only transform you as an athlete, but will also make you a better adult!