Nothing brings a greater sense of satisfaction to the trainers at RedLine Athletics than an athlete reaching his or her own personal goals. A partial or full scholarship to a college or university, lowering their time in the 100 yard dash or just improving their cardiovascular conditioning, an athlete’s overall well-being is of the utmost concern to all of us at RedLine Athletics. Here are just a few comments from some of our many satisfied athletes:

  • Mike Bolio +

    I wanna thank Erik and the whole RedLine staff for not just making me a better trainer but for preparing me for this season. I have never been on a better off-season program than the one Erik Korop put me on. I’m not promoting anything bu…t Erik is hands down the best trainer on the West Coast, if not the country. I also want to thank all of the clients whom I developed a lot of personal relationships with. Just remember to not let anything stand in the way of your goals and dreams, always think BIG!
  • Sue Velarde +

    Thank you everyone for taking such good care of Brett at Redline. He is feeling so confident and looking great. All you guys have been wonderful and made us feel welcome. It was actually good for both of us because I feel like I did get motivated to eat better and exercise more often!! Take care
  • Marcy Levatino +

    Redline is essential to any student athlete who wants to get their skills and fitness to the next level. Since coming to Redline, I have noticed a dramatic improvement in all areas of my game. Their motto of “speed, power, and core”, plays a huge part in the success of any sport. I came to Redline as a committed player and I wanted to be fully prepared for the rigors of Division 1 collegiate athletics as well as be prepared for my senior season of high school. I started two months before the beginning of lacrosse season and not only did I excel in my physical abilities but also in my stick skills as well because of the sport specific training. My coaches as well as parents were blown away by the results. I owe all my success in the future to these guys because they made it all possible. Erik and the rest of the trainers at Redline became a second family to me and because of their readiness to help me reach my goals, I looked forward to training and getting better everyday.
  • Peter Adams +

    Redline equipped me with the skills and tools I needed to compete at the division 1 level.  Being explosive is the key to succeeding in football, and that is exactly what Erik helped me to achieve. Erik, Lyndsey and the entire staff were dedicated to increasing my strength, flexibility and speed so that I could achieve my goals. I have done lots of offseason training in my athletic career but nothing ever prepared me as well as Erik’s plan. They really gave me the individual attention that I needed be ready for the season and to grow as an athlete. Thank you Erik and Lyndsey and Redline Staff
  • Ian Castellana +

    RedLine Athletics provided me an opportunity to tap into the physical potential I did not realize I had.  When I first came to RedLine, I had two years under my belt at the volleyball powerhouse UC Irvine.  I nearly died struggling to do the workouts, even though I trained with a pretty sophisticated weight program at school.  RedLine emphasizes the physical and mental toughness for an athlete to truly be the most successful at his or her sport.  I used to be able to reach above eleven feet on approach in high school, but became loaded down and lost a ton of vertical.  RedLine gave me the boost and increased my approach vertical up to eleven and a half feet and standing vertical to exactly eleven feet!  Now, when I am blocking balls at practice, I always get hit in the head.  Guys always ask, “Are you okay?”, and I am so glad my head can get hit, I just relish it.  Erik Korop and the rest of the trainers want the best for you, and hope for you to succeed.  They are just as good morally as they are smart in training your body.  Redline is my ticket to becoming an excellent volleyball player for years to come (hopefully)!
  • Zach Richmond +

    Before going to RedLine, playing baseball at the next level wasn’t looking like an option for me. But the great people at RedLine believed in me and did everything they could to get me to where I needed to be. With RedLine’s help I am now under scholarship playing baseball at a four year university. Deciding to train at RedLine was the best decision I have ever made and I want to thank everyone in the RedLine family for everything they have done for me because without them none of this would be possible.
  • Devin Powers-Davis +

    In the fall leading up to my last season of college baseball at University of California-San Diego I was released from the team. After being released I thought my baseball career was over. But, after working with the staff at RedLine for the winter, I am on my way to coach and play baseball overseas in Tulln, Austria. I would never have thought I could go from having no baseball career to getting paid to travel and play in Europe! Thank you RedLine, I can’t wait to see where you’ll take me during the next off-season.
  • Mark Roknich +

    RedLine Makes a Difference! My daughter has always loved to play sports. But thanks to the trainers at RedLine Athletics, I’ve watched my daughter make a noticeable transformation to an athlete ready to compete at the college level. Not only are the trainers at RedLine generous with their time, but they take a personal interest in the success of their athletes on and off the field, court, or pool. Their expertise is obvious – from implementing the latest professional training techniques to monitoring and addressing conditions that might lead to injury – I have quickly grown comfortable that my daughter is in a professionally managed, but fun, high-energy environment that keeps her motivated. The fact that Lauren eagerly stops at RedLine for training or batting practice after a long day of school or after her regular team practices speaks volumes for the culture created for the athletes at RedLine. Speed, Power, Core. It appears as though those words are more than a motto at RedLine. I’ve seen my daughter improve in all three categories of fitness. I only wish I had an opportunity to train at a place like RedLine when I was a high school athlete. The atmosphere at RedLine is contagious. For any parent who places a value on personal training, and personal attention for their children, RedLine is THE facility in South Orange County worth your consideration.
  • RedLine Cares!! +

    I just want to say thank you, RedLine, for all you have done for my boys. The dedication to what you do and the enthusiasm are appreciated, but it goes way beyond that. When my oldest started working out at RedLine, I knew immediately, after seeing what you do that he would eat it up! All he’s ever thought about is play, play, play, work, work, work, and the more he plays, the more he wants to work! He has grown so much and I know that RedLine is a big influence on him. The training staff are people he looks up to, big time! On the other hand, when my youngest came to me and told me he wanted to do RedLine, I was a bit nervous. Whereas my oldest has enough confidence for an entire team, the younger forgot to get in that line when he was born. I’ve always known he had every bit as much physical talent as his older brother, but he never knew it! Well, Little Mister “I Suck” has taken to RedLine like a duck to water. Now he lives, breathes, and sleeps baseball!! When I see him, hour after hour, in the backyard throwing the ball against the wall, or hitting the wiffle balls, or dragging his dad to the field, it makes me want to cry. It hasn’t been easy being the “little brother”, both on the field and in the classroom, but he is starting to believe in himself and he’s finally found something he truly loves! He looks forward to every day he gets to come see the RedLine guys! As a teacher, I “get” that kids look up to certain people, and as a mom of these two boys, I know they are obviously going to look up to athletes. I am thrilled that they have gotten to know RedLine’s staff, and truly appreciate that they care! My boys think the world of RedLine, and for that I am truly thankful!
  • Johnny Bowden +

    I am in my fourth year of professional baseball and in the last three years I have tried to train on my own, it was not until I came to RedLine that I got the right direction and instruction that helped me take my game to a new level. To compete against the best you need an edge and RedLine gave me that edge. They helped me become the most athletic and explosive player I could be, helping me achieve the off-season goals I need to compete against big league baseball players. Thank you RedLine for your help and I look forward to another off-season with you next year
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