Semi Private Training
RedLine ClockThe RedLine Semi-Private program is our most popular athletic training program. In our Semi-Private program, athletes will improve at their specific sport and improve their overall athleticism. Each 90 minute work-out delivers training customized to the athlete’s specific needs and his/her chosen sport whether that be Basketball, Baseball, Softball, Track, Tennis, Swimming, Volleyball, Football or Lacrosse.

Each session follows the RedLine clock and begins with a dynamic muscle activating warm up. After the warm up, the athletic training is focused on speed and agility training. After 30 minutes the athletes break into small groups by sport and spend time on sport specific skills and drills. Once the sports specific skill training is complete the athletes begin their strength training. The strength training is customized to the sport, season, position and the athlete’s specific development level. Lastly, there will be a cool down stretch.

Athletic Training That Gets Results

The semi-private workout features an individualized speed, power and core workout. Many members look forward to the specific skill drills for their chosen sport, and often, for instance; spend some extra time in the batting cages, if they play baseball. Semi Private training covers every aspect of the athlete’s sport, including flexibility, stability, speed, quickness, sport skill work, core development, plyometric training, strength training, and nutrition. Our sport specific athletic training helps you perform better on the field, by making you a better all-around athlete.

Convenient Athletic Training

RedLine makes youth athletic training convenient. Semi-Private Sessions are conveniently offered on the hour and do not require appointments. Show up at the top of the hour, complete your workout, and get on with your busy schedule. Of course you can stay as long as you would like and focus on your specific sport, or catch up on some homework in our “Player’s Lounge”.

The Best Value in Athletic Training Programs

Our Semi-Private workout program is the best value in youth athletic training. This program will allow your athlete to train Pre-Season, In-Season, and Post-Season. We have made the price affordable, so you can get instruction and athletics training from our certified trainers and former pro athletes, and get sport specific skill work and a strength work out developed for your sport and specific position – all this for less than the typical charge for a personal trainer.