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Youth Athletic Training Center

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RedLine Youth Athletic Training Centers are developed to help young athletes ages 8-18 become stronger, faster and more powerful. Our Sports Performance Specialists (SPS’s), combine their passion and knowledge to mentor young athletes through custom designed, sport-specific training programs that will help them achieve their goals and maximize their potential, while making them all around better athletes.

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Sports Performance Training with Passion

Excelling in sports is all about passion with purpose. Nowhere will you find people more passionate about sports than at RedLine Athletics. Our revolutionary sport-specific training model enables young athletes to further develop skills in their chosen sport; sports that range from baseball to basketball to football and beyond. Every youth athlete will thrive under the guided instruction of our SPSs, many of whom were collegiate athletes or played professionally.

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Athletic Training To Get You To The Next Level

RedLine Athletics is the premiere youth athletic training center to complement club teams, town recreational leagues, and high school programs with customized workouts at a fraction of the cost of personal training. Our pro athletes and SPSs excel at training and more importantly, mentor these young athletes, and teach them character through athletics!

Achieve Your Athletic Potential

Unlock your full potential as an athlete at RedLine Athletics. It is a unique sports training center where you’ll be constantly challenged to reach your athletic dreams and goals. Athletes who train at RedLine, will be in optimum shape, and with our partnership with Fusionetics, RedLine will help in injury prevention, keeping athletes healthy and in the game! What separates us from the others? Our work-outs begin at the top of the hour and are unlimited, with our low priced, monthly membership packages. This enables you to come in any time you want, at the most convenient time for you!
At RedLine Athletics, we use the term “Passion with Purpose”. This means, we are passionate about making you a better athlete first, but with a purpose of making our athletes better adults in the future!

Youth Athletic Training Done Right

Our dynamic concept helps athletes in the 8 -18 year old age group to vastly improve their talent level. For the teen athlete with their eyes on earning a college scholarship, to the beginner who is learning the game and trying to make the team, RedLine Athletics is the place to help you achieve your goals.

Customized Training for ALL Sports

Semi-private, 1 on 1 training, and group sports-specific training enable you to realize your full potential as an athlete. Training programs can be customized to help improve performance in baseball, softball, soccer, lacrosse, football, volleyball, basketball, swimming, ice skating, tennis, and many more!