Ice Skating Training

RedLine is quickly becoming the training facility of choice for serious ice skaters in South Orange County. With a wide array of training phases for an ice skater, the trainers at RedLine Athletics understand that the skaters must become as strong as possible, while not jeopardizing their sleek, elastic, and extremely flexible muscles. Starting with a foundation phase (for the less experienced weight trained skaters), they then graduate into a strength phase that focuses on maximum strength. From the maximum strength increases they move into the power-transfer phase for maximum power output, and finally to a multi-faceted, extremely athletic form of training.

With the physical demands that skating places on the body and the ever-changing movements and motion, the workouts are tailored to fit that type of performing. From an individual perspective, the exercises and lifts are specialized to fit the skater. Whether you are a singles skater or work with a partner, RedLine Athletics has the workout you need to take skating to a whole new level!