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RedLine Athletics is much more than just a strength and conditioning facility.  Speed Power Core may be our motto, but why do we put our athletes through rigorous workouts?  So that they can improve on the field or court... period.  Everything that we do is geared toward helping our athletes excel and compete at their highest level possible, while always helping to prevent injuries.

Over the past few weeks, the world has been mesmerized by the World Cup of soccer.  It truly is a beautiful game.  The question is, for you young soccer athletes, “How do I physically compete at that level?  What do I need to do and how can I begin to train to be in that sort of athletic shape?"

Massage Envy founder to open new venture in Houston

BY Mark Yost | May 28, 2014

John Leonesio, the founder of Massage Envy Limited, the Joint and other successful health franchises, is coming to Houston, one of the hottest franchise markets in the country, with a new business.

RedLine Athletics knows the importance of balance in our athletes.  Balance/body control can and should be worked on and enhanced on a daily basis.  At our Training Centers we incorporate balance drills, for the lower and upper body throughout the prescribed workouts.  

There are a number of different types of speed when it comes to running.  At RedLine Athletics we cover 4 types of speed training:

Often before we start any physical activity, we neglect to stretch before that activity.  It’s no wonder we get tweaks, strains, muscle pulls and cramping.  So what can be done to help minimize the chances of these hindrances to our daily lives and schedules?  RedLine has put together a small sampling of stretching exercises that will help prepare the body for most physical activities.

Every coach and young athlete understand the importance of off-season training. Some, however, have never explored what it takes to keep athletes at their peak strength, in the most important season of all, in-season.  Why is it that amateur athletes train so hard all year and then quit training just because their season has now begun?

Leonesio is at it again…New Franchise Concept Opens in Airpark: RedLine Athletics


From Scandinavian Health Spas to The Q, the Sports Club to Massage Envy, John Leonesio has known only one formula, a winning one. His success at Massage Envy, inventing the retail massage concept that grew into a $300 million operation with 800 franchises awarded, took just six years.

RedLine Athletics expands into Arizona with new Scottsdale store

BY TIM GALLEN | Feb 11, 2014

The franchising mastermind behind Massage Envy and The Joint has turned his focus to a new concept that offers personalized training for young athletes.

Spiderman Stretch: Once the bodies core temperature has increased, the muscles are now ready to be elongated in order to prepare them for the upcoming workout.