The US Open has been going on for a few weeks now, and has been enjoyable to watch but, what makes these tennis players great?  How are they able to do what they do physically?

Obviously they are very skilled, and their years of experience is extremely valuable, what set them apart to becoming world champions? It’s their training.  It’s in the structure of how their training year is divided.  Are they fatigued and/or sore entering the US Open?  Was their training focused only on slow methodical weight training?  Did their training change based on the “season” they were in?  Did they work on linear speed, long distance running, transitional agility, foot speed in the agility ladder, or a combo of all four aspects?

At RedLine Athletics we focus on our tennis clients competitions, then plan accordingly.  We set their programming based on their upcoming tournaments so they are physically peaking, which means they are at their freshest, most physically prepared.  Click here to see our Membership Packages that will help you Train All Year Long!