Rocket Arms at Little League World Series.

Since the conception of RedLine Athletics, there is one thing that has been consistent, and that’s been a plethora of baseball kids that need to increase their arm strength. 

So often young athletes come to us with the understanding that they need to get better at baseball, but they’re not really sure as to how to properly improve their arm strength. They know that they need to long toss in order to increase that strength, but is that really all there is to it?  Will pitching lessons only get the desired results?

The biggest issue that we run into is the lack of upper back strength in young athletic baseball players.  Kids no longer get out and climb trees and playground equipment, which helps develop those muscles.  They’d rather sit inside, push buttons, and "climb levels" on their favorite video games. The training at RedLine Athletics is geared to help develop the muscles in the upper back in order to allow the arm to develop more “throwing strength”. Once strength begins to come, we can then focus on proper mechanics of throwing in order to be more efficient with every throw.

Here’s something to think about, a sprinter strength trains and sprints in order to increase his/her running speed. Likewise, a throwing athlete needs to strengthen his/her legs, trunk, shoulders, and back and practice throwing at full speed in order to increase throwing velocity. We at RedLine have been doing this for this for years and have seen our athletes excel in Little League, State & Regional championships, high school championships, Perfect Game showcases, the College World Series, and professional baseball. RedLine Works!