Over the past few weeks, the world has been captivated while witnessing the Little League World Series of baseball. Youth baseball is still a pure game and it’s evident with all the smiles and joy seen on the faces of all the participants and in the way that they play the game.  What many people haven’t seen is the long season that these youth athletes have just endured. For most, Little League baseball season begins in early March to April, and all are typically playing 2-3 games a week during the season.  Once the season is over, if they are the champions of their respective league, they will then advance to the local tournaments, then to the state tournaments, and regional tournaments just to get into the Little League World Series.

Since RedLine opened in 2006 in San Juan Capistrano, CA, we’ve had hundreds of Little League athletes come through our doors, and many of these were a part of several different teams that have advanced to the state and regional tournaments. Each time, we continue to get the same response from most of the coaches at the end of the season, “We were in better shape than all of the other the teams and our arms were totally healthy.” For us, there is no better compliment. The expertise of our RedLine trainers and how they train baseball players is second to none. Because of our focus on Speed, Power, & Core all athletes, including our baseball athletes, excel at the highest levels. Our baseball players focus on special “arm care” exercises to keep their shoulders and elbows healthy. We also focus heavily on being more explosive in order to generate more speed on the base paths and power in their swings. In addition, we also teach the baseball athlete to hit just like the professional baseball player is being instructed at MLB training centers. Every staff member at all of our RedLine Training Centers are uniquely qualified to train your young athlete to “train like a pro”.

Enjoy this great time of year, and enjoy watching how baseball was meant to be played!