Every coach and young athlete understand the importance of off-season training. Some, however, have never explored what it takes to keep athletes at their peak strength, in the most important season of all, in-season.  Why is it that amateur athletes train so hard all year and then quit training just because their season has now begun?

Some coaches associate working out with being sore, and that to benefit from a good workout  means the athlete will be too sore to compete.  NOT TRUE!!! We believe that athletes should work smarter, not harder.  Year 'round athletic strength training never stops, it evolves and adapts.  Work Outs will be shorter in length, and less frequent during the week. We will deal with preventing injury and strengthening the Core, helping to keep them in the game!

RedLine Athletics has developed a strength training formula that has been proven effective over the course of all sports, all season long. Athletes who train at RedLine Athletics Youth Athletic Training Centers will retain their strength, and keep their bodies healthy Pre-Season, In-Season, and Post-Season.