Spiderman Stretch: Once the bodies core temperature has increased, the muscles are now ready to be elongated in order to prepare them for the upcoming workout.

To begin the Spiderman Stretch, you will need to get into a push-up position. With your arms straight down toward the ground, bring one leg forward and place it just outside the hand on the same side of the body. Sink the hips toward the floor and allow the muscles to stretch for 2-10 seconds. Then re-position the foot in the original position of a push-up. Switch legs and continue the stretching process. Repeat each leg 5-10 times.

One variation to this excellent warm-up exercise, is to lift the same arm up toward the ceiling. Once the foot is in place lift that arm up and allow the lower lumbar to be stretched as well. This can be held for 2-10 seconds as well.