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Advanced Exercise Equipment and RedLine Athletics Announce Partnership to Bring Pro-Level Hammer Strength and Life Fitness Strength to Youth Athletes Nationwide

Ecore – Advanced Exercise and RedLine Athletics Announce Partnership to furnish all Youth Athletic Training Centers with Ecore Flooring Nationwide.
RedLine Youth athletic training centers across the country will now offer state-of-the-art flooring technology from Ecore.

Staying hydrated while playing your sport, or in your daily work-outs, is of the up-most importance.

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Youth athletic training centers across the country now offering same human performance and training platform used by professional and college athletes

The ankle is the most common site for acute injury in volleyball players. By some accounts, this injury accounts for 30% of time lost to injuries and can result in significant “downtime” from volleyball. A program of balancing and strength training for the foot and ankle is part of the individualized training for volleyball athletes at RedLine Athletics that helps decrease the chance of recurrent ankle sprains. 

BY Allison Hurtado | January 3, 2015

Former professional and collegiate athletes are coming together to pass their skills on to the next generation at the new Redline Athletics in Chandler.

The US Open has been going on for a few weeks now, and has been enjoyable to watch but, what makes these tennis players great?  How are they able to do what they do physically?

Rocket Arms at Little League World Series.

Since the conception of RedLine Athletics, there is one thing that has been consistent, and that’s been a plethora of baseball kids that need to increase their arm strength. 

Youth Athlete Little League World Series

Over the past few weeks, the world has been captivated while witnessing the Little League World Series of baseball. Youth baseball is still a pure game and it’s evident with all the smiles and joy seen on the faces of all the participants and in the way that they play the game.  What many people haven’t seen is the long season that these youth athletes have just endured. For most, Little League baseball season begins in early March to April, and all are typically playing 2-3 games a week during the season.  Once the season is over, if they are the champions of their respective league, they will then advance to the local tournaments, then to the state tournaments, and regional tournaments just to get into the Little League World Series.

No matter how much time and how hard an athlete trains in the off-season and even the pre-season, there is no way to stay in shape if they do not continue to train during the season.