Develop the core muscles to hit longer from the tee with RedLine’s golf fitness training. Golf is the only sport where the ball is not in motion all the time and is certainly one of the most difficult athletic pursuits to master or at least consistently improve without continual supervision and practice. Where most people do not think that golf demands strength and power, think again. It requires a lot of torque in the upper body and core in a very short amount of time. We have developed a meticulous workout program for golfers who are serious about their game. RedLine Athletics concentrates on hip strength and lateral rotational strength for proper shoulder and core turns when making impact. Golf also deals with an essential amount of rhythm mechanics and fluidity of the swing. A more natural and free-moving swing will shave strokes off your scorecard, but it all starts with improved upper body strength and flexibility and only at RedLine Athletics will we be able to take you on a more productive journey around the fairways and greens of your favorite golf course.