The RedLine trainers will customize your training program to meet the unique needs to improve your sport-specific position. Whatever position you play on the gridiron, RedLine Athletics has got you covered to becoming the very best football player you can be. Whether it’s the quarterback who has to scramble out of the pocket or a wide receiver adjusting from man-to-man or zone coverages or to an interior lineman, gutting it out in the trenches, our training takes the weight room to a whole new level.

Our football fitness program is targeted to progressively increase an athlete’s speed, help him explode off the line of scrimmage and vastly improve his overall strength. From the opening kickoff until you hear the final whistle, our football players are the most well-conditioned athletes anywhere and with the determination to take their game beyond high school. One of our philosophies at RedLine Athletics is that “Speed Wins.” Whether you’re playing Pop Warner, high school or college football, if you have the proper technique and combine that with raw speed and power, your future is limitless in football.